Next batch of printed hard copy patterns arrives.

A second batch of printed copies of the Harriet’s Hat pattern arrived today and some have already been sent to local stores which had sold out.

In particular, Jamieson’s of Shetland who have been immensely supportive in many ways, has been topped up 3 times in a week! They’ve received another larger batch today and we can’t thank them enough for making them available, commission free, with the full £4 price being donated to the scanner appeal.

It’s also worth noting that many local people, including nurses, have bought patterns specifically so they can make finished hats ready to sell – raising more for the appeal. Wonderful to see a community of knitters all coming together in such a big way in support of a worthy cause.

With a huge variety of other woollen creations being made by the MRI Maakers out of donated wool as well, things have really taken off. Each item, uniquely created with care, will bring us a step closer to us having our own MRI scanner. But it’s also showing the world what Shetland people can do.

Thank you all for supporting us.