A Special Thanks to Kate Davies

Earlier today we received a notification from the website host that the site was experiencing much higher traffic than usual, so we naturally checked to see what was going on.

While there’s been an increase in hits from the usual sites, one in particular really stood out – referrals from KDD & Co. More specifically from a blog post written by Kate Davies herself.

Almost 10 years ago, Kate Davies suffered a stroke at just 36 years old, which was diagnosed in an MRI Scanner. It ended her career as a literary academic, but she turned to designing digital patterns to support herself while she was recovering and has since developed it into an award winning business.

In her blog you’ll see that Kate doesn’t normally use KDD & Co webspace to highlight charitable causes, but we can’t thank her enough for making the Shetland Scanner Appeal (and of course Harriet’s Hat) an exception. The surge in pattern sales today has been phenomenal, it’s a huge, huge, boost to our efforts.

However it’s not simply the increase in traffic, funds, and support that is significant. It’s her personal connection and reason for making an exception. Strokes are one of the medical conditions where a speedy diagnosis makes all the difference to your prospects of recovery – there’s a world of difference between that diagnosis being available quickly on your doorstep and it being many hours away weather permitting and subject to the availablitity of an ambulance flight.

So thank you Kate, for supporting us and in particular sharing why. You can find her blog here, it’s an amazing read – https://kddandco.com/2019/05/19/harriets-hat/

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