Shetland Wool Stockist Embraces Pattern

We’ve been quite taken back by how quickly the knitting community around the world has embraced what we’re doing. At the same time, our renowned Shetland Wool suppliers are getting a boost as people from Australia to America get yarn for their Harriet’s Hat project, which is just fantastic.

LCK RavelryJust yesteday, Denise from Lost City Knits in Oklahoma, posted excitedly about receiving a shipment of Jamieson & Smith wool. In the final part of her Ravelry forum post (Pictured), she highlights Harriet’s Hat, and says she’s going to be making up yarn kits for them. Thanks Denise for supporting us and linking to the pattern. The full post can be found on Ravelry here but you’ll need to be signed in.

I know Jamieson’s of Shetland have been getting orders for their yarn for the hat from all over too, which is fantastic because they’ve been really supportive too. Maybe some of their stockists will consider making up yarn kits for Harriet’s Hat too. We’ll be only to happy to link to any stockist of Shetland Wool supporting across our social media accounts so people know where they can find everything they need for their own Harriet’s Hat near where they live.

Thanks for the support, #knittersoftheworld