Finished Hats Go On Sale

We would like to thank the Shetland Rugby Club for selling a few finished Harriet’s Hat’s during their Rugby 7s tournament this weekend. It marks a new phase in MRI Maakers efforts as these hats were knitted by various volunteers from the group, and the first of their contributions to be sold.

Thankfully, there were still some left, so we’ve forged ahead with making them available online earlier than expected. With just 5 being added to stock on the website initially, it gives us chance to try out the plans in place for orders as they come in before adding a few more as and when they’re ready to sell. It’s an exciting time, so there will be lots for us to chat about at this week’s MRI Maakers meeting on Thursday.

Thanks to everyone who’s played a part in making this all happen, your efforts are already paying off. With more on the horizon too, things are looking good.

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