Minnesota Knitters Guild Take Lead in World Wide Knit Along of Harriet’s Hat

On Sunday we were contacted by Kathy Lewinski of the Minnesota Knitters guild asking for permission to organise a Knit Along of Harriet’s hat. We obviously said yes of course, but are completely blown away. Today they have set the ball in motion and to extend the opportunity beyond their own group, and on facebook have encouraged other knitting guilds around the world to join in, so have begun using Ravelry as a central discussion base. You need to be signed in to see it so I’ve copied the opening post here. The cast on date is 8th June (World Wide Knit In Public Day) Here’s the thread link – https://www.ravelry.com/discuss/minnesota-knitters-guild/3923573/1-25?fbclid=IwAR0i4CenB2FSKUlgF64ifAsLaJVFphxQ393XkTS9vnFvYTsD1Q-670oYlqw

And here’s the opening post quoted –

This beautiful hat pattern was designed by Harriet Middleton in Shetland as a way to raise money for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal. The Shetland Islands currently do not have an MRI scanner and people have to travel to Aberdeen or Glasgow to get scans, a trip that is costly, takes time, and is often delayed by weather.

I know a lot of knitters, including myself, have a soft spot for Shetland, whether they love the wool, the fair isle patterns, or the beautiful hap shawls. I posted a link to a story about Harriet’s Hat on our Facebook page last week & there has been a lot of interest & support. Some of us started discussing that we should have a little KAL.

So, I am going to host a Harriet’s Hat KAL. You can purchase the pattern here. Depending on the day’s exchange rate it costs about $5.26 USD. All proceeds from the pattern sales go to the Scanner Appeal. Not only do we get to work on a beautiful pattern, but we also get to do some good!

Cast on date: Saturday, June 8th (WWKIP Day)
End date: Saturday, July 20th
Prizes: I will provide prizes for a drawing for people who finish and post pictures by that date. More on the prizes to come.

You don’t need to do anything special to join the KAL, just buy the pattern, get your yarn, and cast on on the 8th. You do not need to be a member of the MKG to participate. We’ll use this thread for chatting about the KAL and asking questions.

By the way, I did contact the MRI Maakers to get permission to host a KAL and received a lovely note back from Harriet’s son Billy. He said Harriet was blown away that we would want to do a KAL for her pattern and help out their appeal.

The level of support we’ve had from the knitting community around the world is simply outstanding. Please do contact the Kathy at the Minnesota Knitters Guild if you’re in a group/guild and want to get onboard, or even as an individual.