Community of MRI Maakers sell £1500 worth of Harriet’s Hats

Today has been a great day (another exciting update to come in the next post).

It’s just one month since the MRI Maakers had their first meeting in the Gilbert Bain Hospital Servery, meeting every second Thursday since. Last Thursday we shared a picture of what they’d brought to the meeting for us to sell, and we’re still working on getting those priced and online for you. But beyond that, MRI Maakers across Shetland have been donating their spare time to knit finished Harriet’s Hats to sell, with all proceeds going to the MRI Scanner appeal.

They’ve proven extremely popular, and are currently ‘out of stock’ while we wait for the next batch to come back. However, in the early hours of this morning, sales of Harriet’s Hat (including a couple using an alternative colour work) reached the £1500 mark. More have been sold since, meaning that the MRI Maakers have stepped up and raised over £1500 from their knitting alone in just a month. It’s an incredible achievement from the group of volunteers, and we can’t thank you enough.

It also means that since MRI Maakers started, including pattern sales (both online and local hard copies), has now raised well over £10,000. Absolutely amazing.

More finished Harriet’s Hats will be added to the store as and when we get them, so please check back if you’re still to get one.

Thanks again, not only to the knitters themselves but everyone who has played a part in making this possible.