Lerwick Town Hall Confirmed as Venue for Wool Week MRI Maakers Event

Since the MRI Maakers started meeting and along with the Harriet’s Hat pattern garnered support from around the world, we’ve received countless emails, messages and comment replies asking us to do something during Wool Week. We’re obviously keen not to step on anyone’s toes, but we were scheduled to have one of our regular MRI Maakers meetings on the 3rd of October.

We discussed this at the last meeting, and decided as a one off special event, to find another venue. And here it is, the Lerwick Town Hall.

We’ve tried to make sure it won’t conflict with the official Wool Week program as best we can, but we’ll also be extending this meeting a little so visitors can enjoy the company of the MRI Maakers a little longer as they meet and knit together as they usually do.

Due to the expected popularity of this event, and the aim of the MRI Maakers being to raise funds for the MRI Scanner Appeal, it will be ticketed and priced at £10 each for non MRI Maakers. The meeting will take place in the Lerwick Town Hall’s main hall, from 6pm until 9pm, where you can come and have tea/coffee. Come and meet the Harriet’s Hat designer herself along with the many MRI Maakers who have achieved so much in such a short time. Enjoy a relaxing gathering in the evening after your daytime Wool Week classes have finished.

The exact details will be published as they are finalised and we see how many non-knitting volunteers we can get to deliver you a truly Shetland welcome to our group. But for now the essentials are that we’ll be meeting on the 3rd October from 6pm until 9pm, with a short break from knitting at 7:30pm for some soup and traditional Shetland accompaniments. Teas and Coffee available throughout, and an on the night raffle.

Further details to follow, tickets available from the online store shortly when the capacity has been confirmed for this type of event.