Worldwide Harriet’s Hat KAL begins this weekend

Starting on Saturday 8th, hundreds, if not thousands of knitters around the world will be taking part in the worldwide Harriet’s Hat Knit Along organised by the Minnesota Knitters Guild.

We’re really please they received mention in our local press in firstly in the Shetland News. It’s at least one way for our community to thank them, and the many others around the globe, for supporting us by recognising what they’re doing. Thank you.

It’s created something of a buzz in knitting communities from Australia to America and back again, being featured in podcasts such as this one by Anne at I Thought I Knew How. She also helpfully mentions some yarn stockists for anyone still to buy or pick their kits. We’ll be adding any who aren’t mentioned in our International Suppliers page as soon as we can, but check the Harriet’s Hat KAL ravelry forum topic (where your pics for prize entries need to be posted) for any we haven’t had got around to yet. Unfortunately being as busy as we’ve become means we’ve not had chance to collate as many as we’d have liked already.

The knit along lasts until 20th July, so there’s plenty of time for everyone to complete their Harriet’s Hats. We’ll be using the time to collate a more concise list of groups/sites around the world who have been supporting or highlighting the knit along, such as the Knitting and Crochet Guild in the UK. If your group/page/guild has been supporting this send a link to it using the contact page so we don’t miss anyone out.

You can follow events on the Ravelry topic, or this facebook page

If you’ve not already bought your pattern for it, you can download it from here  – Harriet’s Hat Pattern. This event has helped sustain sales, so we can now say that it has sold well over 2000 copies online alone, with several hundred more sold as hard copies locally!

Harriet will be meeting with local knitters joining the knit along upstairs in the Mareel from 11am on Saturday to cast on their event hats, many have already knitted one or two already 😉