Harriet’s Hat KAL Gets Underway as Australia and New Zealand Cast On!

As we prepare to take part in the Harriet’s Hat KAL organised by the Minnesota Knitter’s Guild, word from those who are taking part comes in from New Zealand and Australia.

Waking up to find casting on messages from New Zealand on Facebook, and the first cast on picture posted on Ravelry from Australia was like watching the news on New Years Day. It’s incredible to think that so many people from so many places around the world are all casting on Harriet’s Hat today. Each of them having supported us raising funds for the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal by buying the pattern online, or locally hard copies here in Shetland.

Meanwhile on Instagram, someone from Oregon posted up their cast on pic a little early since she’s going to be busy today and didn’t want to miss it. They’ll be knitting the rest of the hat at some point through the 6 week knit along, so they’re still technically taking part despite casting on early.

Harriet is meeting up with people upstairs in the Mareel, Lerwick, at 11am to cast on their hats for the worldwide knit along right here in Shetland, anyone taking part locally is welcome to come. We made up more bags of wool measured out in quantities sufficient for one hat for anyone who wants to let us sell their finished hats, all proceeds going straight to the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal.

If you’ve not already got your pattern, you can download it here, it’s not too late to join in! Use the hashtag #harrietshatKAL if posting on social media, and feel free to leave a comment here saying where you’re taking part from.

Good luck with your knit along, and thanks for taking part.

14 thoughts on “Harriet’s Hat KAL Gets Underway as Australia and New Zealand Cast On!

  1. I cast on this morning in Melbourne Australia. A cool but sunny day, a lovely colorful pattern. Thank you Harriet.

  2. Of course, I am casting on in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis/St. Paul, of Minnesota today. Hope to have pics of our group a bit later.

  3. I have cast on today in Toronto, Canada. Quite excited to try this Jamieson and Smith yarn and the pattern. Will post a photo in the Ravelry thread.

  4. I cast on yesterday from Monterey, California! We had an unusually warm day for us, so it was nice to be knitting something small.

  5. Choosing my yarn in Kensington, Maryland, USA. Bought the pattern as soon as I heard about the MRI fundraising!

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