Worldwide Harriet’s Hat KAL Off To A Flying Start

The worldwide Harriet’s Hat Knit Along event organised by the Minnesota Knitters Guild started today, with the first picture being posted on the Ravelry Thread from Australia.

While Harriet and other local knitters joined in, casting on in the Mareel in Lerwick, that same knitter shared that they were still knitting back in Australia.

As the day went on, more pictures from around the world were posted not only on the Ravelry thread but across social media. So we decided to highlight the support this has gained by sharing those that are publicly accessible here, and where known include where in the world they’re from. There’s still many more to come in so this gallery is likely to be updated. If you’ve got your own casting on photo you want to share with us, please use the contact page and we’ll be only to happy to add it.

In particular from the pictures below, we’re drawn to one shared by someone in the US, who was in fact taking part in the KAL while on a break from sending patients for MRI scans.

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Remember, to be entered into the prize draws you must post your pictures on the Ravelry Thread. The deadline for the Casting on pic is the 15th, and the deadline for the completed hat picture is the 20th of July next month. So you’ve still got time to download a Harriet’s Hat Pattern, and join in!

Thanks to the Minnesota Knitters Guild for setting this up, in particular Kathy, and of course everyone for supporting us by joining in – wherever in the world you knit. Thank you.