Harriet’s Hat Pattern Sales raise over £10,000 So Far.

It’s perhaps fitting that today, on the start of the Harriet’s Hat KAL event, we’re able to announce something quite breathtaking.

The Harriet’s Hat KAL has helped keep the momentum going with the pattern sales, in fact they’ve increased today if anything. Which made us a bit curious, so out of interest we checked totals, both online sales and local hard copy sales (only those for which the money has been received – usually when stores ask for more).

When you combine the online sales, and local hard copy sales, the total as of today, is now well over £10,000. Thanks to everyone who has supported us by buying one, all of the proceeds go straight to the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal, so you’ve already made a huge difference, wherever in the world you’re from.

This is purely for pattern sales, and doesn’t include the money raised so far by the MRI Maakers knitting finished products, so the overall raised by them so far is much higher.

We’re very grateful for all the support we’ve had so far, and delighted that our efforts are bringing so many people together regardless what part they’re playing in making this possible. Thank you all.

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