Island Medics Stars Model Harriet’s Hat and Reversible Headbands

Aimee, Sam & Hannah modelling Harriet’s Hat and Headbands

It’s not often the staff in A&E have a spare moment, so we’re glad we got the opportunity to grab this fine three for a quick promo photo.

Aimee, Sam and Hannah were working at the Gilbert Bain Hospital in Shetland today, where the MRI Scanner will be when we’ve raised enough funds. They weren’t expecting this when they started their shifts this morning, but as with any A&E department they’re accustomed to the unexpected. You might recognise them from the Island Medics Series shown on BBC TV, the film crew were actually there at the time recording for the next series.

You’ll also probably recognise Harriet’s Hat being worn by Sam in the middle, but you won’t have seen the Reversible Harriet’s Headbands being shown for the first time by Aimee and Hannah. We’ll be launching the Harriet’s Headband pattern shortly, which has been designed to compliment the hat and embodies all of it’s signature features, with the crown translated into the top and bottom banding of the darker side, while the ribbing borders the light side.

We hope you like them and look forward to bringing you the pattern in the very near future.

Don’t they look great? The hat and headbands don’t look bad either 😉

Big thanks to Aimee, Sam and Hannah for taking time out of your busy day to do this for us and helping to promote the next step by Harriet and the MRI Maakers.