Mystery Guest Visitor Joins In Knitting And Delivers £50 Donation From Massachusetts

At tonights MRI Maakers session in the Gilbert Bain Hospital Servery, we were paid a very welcome visit by a special secret guest. Rachel, who lives on Fair Isle, has been a very active follower of our efforts on social media and shares our updates with her own many followers.

At the beginning of the month, Rachel received a letter from Mother Seraphima of Holy Nativity Convent in Massachusetts. She read about the MRI Scanner Appeal from Rachel sharing or commenting on one of our tweets and asked that her £50 donation be passed on. Pictured here, Rachel is holding the letter as she hands over the £50 note, which came all the way from America, to Harriet in person. It’s an incredibly generous contribution from someone so far away, and though we’ve asked Rachel to pass on our sincere gratitude, we hope that Mother Seraphima will find this post too. Thank you so much for your support!

We didn’t realise it at the time, but Mother Seraphima has actually also purchased 2 finished Harriet’s Hats, which have already been dispatched and may already have arrived. It’s quite possible they were knitted by one of the MRI Maakers pictured here at tonights meeting. We hope you love your hats, and thanks again for supporting us.