Up Helly Aa Official Photographer Sports Harriet’s Hat

The Summer Carnival took place in Lerwick this evening and this year’s Up Helly Aa squad were taking part. It was the perfect opportunity, while the squad all adorn their intricately designed viking suits, for them to present checks to two deserved causes.

The Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal, and Cancer Research UK were each given £1000 by the Jarl Squad. The presentation was being captured by the squad’s official photographer, Gordon Siegel when Carol Campbell noticed he was wearing something quite familiar.

Pictured here, Gordon is wearing one of Harriet’s Hats, knitted specially for him by Harriet herself not long ago. There are few things more exciting for us these days than seeing on of these world renowned hats in some unique setting, but the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal being awarded £1000 by world famous Vikings is one of them.

2019 Up Helly Aa Squad presenting Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal and Cancer Research UK with cheques for £1000 each.

Finished hand knitted Harriet’s hats are available to buy in the online store but rely on volunteer MRI Maakers to produce them so are occasionally out of stock. Alternatively you can buy the Harriet’s Hat Pattern and get the satisfaction of knitting your own. All proceeds go directly to the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal.