Harriet’s Headband Launched Today

It seems like a long time since we first posted that the Harriet’s Headband pattern was to be launched but it’s only a little over a week really. Fortunately on the day we ambushed these three fine lasses for a promo pic, we took a few so here’s one of them showing how excited they are for the Harriet’s Headband Launch. We’re almost as excited as they look 🙂

The time in between has been used to fine tune the instructions and make sure the charts are clear and easy to follow for you. We’ve learnt a lot from the Harriet’s Hat pattern, so the distribution has already been fine tuned. The printing of hard copies was sponsored by “I thought I knew how” podcasts and they’ve been ordered today in the hope they arrive in time for our next MRI Maakers night this Thursday shipping permitting.

You can download the new Harriet’s Headband Pattern here, all proceeds go directly to the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal as with everything else sold on this site. We can’t thank everyone enough for helping us get this off the ground and bringing everyone together in the quest to raise funds for the scanner. In particular today, thanks to Nancy Hunter and Jenny Wiseman for reviewing the pattern. More news coming in the near future, but we think the Harriet’s Headband launch is excitement enough for one day.