Worldwide Video Appeal as Harriet’s Hat Knit Along nears end.

At last nights MRI Maakers meeting we had the very talented Gordon Siegel join us to take photos to send Marie Wallin for her new book, Meadow, being launched in October. He’s been so supportive and has taken some absolutely fabulous pictures.

But with the worldwide knit along organised by the Minnesota Knitters Guild due to end on the 20th of July, a TV production company might feature, as part of another project, how widespread the support has been for the MRI Maakers, Harriet’s Hat, and of course now Harriet’s Headband.

Some aspects of this can be done here, and already some short clips have been recorded in case it can work. However, obviously it’s not practical, or cost effective, to fly the crew all around the world with all their kit recording several short clips of many people knitting. So, we’ve come up with this challenge for you all in the hopes it can turn a possibly, maybe, into something that can work for a segment in a mainstream TV documentary type series to be aired next year. We can’t say too much in case it doesn’t work, but will use this comment on our facebook page for anyone who’s willing to post a short video clip. Link to facebook comment. We’d love you to post video clips in the comment thread below the post, the criteria needed by the film crew to be useful is below, but even if they’re not we’re still interested to see them.

1) you’re welcome to post your clips in reply to the facebook post anyway, we’d love to see them, but you’d have to be willing to sign an agreement if you’re happy for them to be used on mainstream TV. The production company will contact you to arrange this if you say you’re willing for it to be used in your comment.

2) you need to be knitting either Harriet’s Hat or Harriet’s Headband.

3) they need know where in the world you are so the feature highlights global coverage. Ideally you could audibly say what your name is , where you’re from, and what drew you to knitting the project in the recording but I suppose if you add it in the comments and it could be subtitled.

4) it needs to be recorded in landscape orientation for it to be usable. A phone held upright won’t work for what they’ve got in mind, so the clip has to be wide and short NOT tall and thin.

5) if you’re a video selfie expert with a tripod you might manage yourself, but realistically it’ll work better if a friend or someone in your knitting group records you/ your group.

Here’s the Link to the facebook comment for posting your clips.

Thanks as always for all your support, wherever in the world you are 🙂

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