Fernlea Care Centre Residents Give MRI Maakers A Welcome Boost

Cathie (91) Fernlea Care Centre – Whalsay

Two weeks ago we were contacted by Donna Polson, who works at the Fernlea Care Centre in Whalsay, about two current residents there. She’d been helping them pass the time, using her iPad, by telling them all about the MRI Maakers and Harriet’s Hat. Both keen knitters, Gracie (85) and Cathie (91), had asked her if maybe they could do some knitting to help us, so Donna was asking to see if it would be possible.

In the following days, we arranged to send them a bag each with enough yarn for a Harriet’s Hat, along with a hard copy of the pattern. Whalsay is one of Shetland’s many islands, served by it’s own inter island ferry service, so it wasn’t until the following week before they received them.

Gracie (85) – Fernlea Care Centre – Whalsay

We were delighted that these two lovely ladies would be able to spend some of their time doing something they obviously enjoy. They’ve not wasted any time at all, and today Donna sent us the pictures to prove it. In fact, not only have they both finished the hat kits we sent up to them, but they’ve started a finished knitting box and are keen to keep on going. So far it has the two Harriet’s Hats and a pair of gloves in it!

Seeing these pictures of them both, clearly in their element, helping us with our efforts to raise funds for the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal is truly heartwarming. It’s great to think that someone at the care home looks after them in a way that keeps them very much involved in the wider community. They’ve even involved another resident to model their finished hats, and we think Alan has done them proud.

Alan (83) – Fernlea Care Centre – Whalsay

Since they’re enjoying it so much, and they’re keen to carry on, we’re arranging for more yarn in the official colours to be sent up to them. They’ll be able to knit hats, gloves or whatever else makes them happy, all in the official scanner appeal colours. So the next finished item you see in the store, might well be knitted by Gracie or Cathie and we think that’s fantastic.

We’re planning to take a trip up and see them so we can thank them in person and at the same time give them a couple of different faces to see. The least we can do as it’s so touching they want to do this for us, to be part of our efforts to raise the funds we need, and we really can’t thank them enough. We’d also like to thank Donna for getting in touch and making it happen.

We’ve included all of the pictures Donna sent us in the gallery below, so you can see their work in progress along with the finished thing.

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