Where Do I Send My Finished Harriet’s Hat?

We’ve had a few people asking where they should send their finished Harriet’s Hats to be donated for sale by us here. The Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal admin have also, so after discussing it with them we thought it best to post a couple of options.

The favoured one would be to drop them off at one of our MRI Maakers nights in the Gilbert Bain Hospital servery, which happen every second Thursday from 6pm until 8pm. It would be great to see you and you can join us knit and have a yarn.

You could of course send it with someone else if you know someone who comes to the meetings. If you do this though, please label your items in some way so we know where they’ve come from. All items we sell are tagged with the Maaker’s name.

If you can’t make it to those, you can drop it off at the NHS Shetland Board Headquarters, marked to MRI Maakers. Here’s the address if you’re not familiar with it –

MRI Maakers c/o,
NHS Shetland Endowment Fund,
Shetland NHS Board Headquarters,
Upper Floor,
Burgh Road,

Some have been dropping them off at the main reception marked to Billy @ Estates. This is still ok but we need to be mindful that the reception staff are doing a lot for us already on top of their regular work. All of the finished items shipped, unless collected locally, have passed through there en route to various countries around the world. Without their support sending items out, it simply wouldn’t be possible, so we’re keen not to over burden them with other things.

Everyone has been so supportive in making what the MRI Maakers are doing a success, and we really can’t thank you all enough, whatever part you’re playing. Whether you’re knitting for us, buying our patterns/finished items or simply sharing our links and pages, you’re the reason we’ve raised so much in such a short time. Thank you.

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