Morehouse Farm To Donate $1 Per Skein Ahead Of KAL

Yesterday Oliver Henry spoke enthusiastically about how great it was to see so many people, from so many places, all coming together as one big community to support a good cause. It’s a sentiment we share but we never cease to be amazed at just how far it truly extends.

Almost two weeks ago, Erin, from Morehouse Farm in New York State, contacted us asking if it was OK for the knitting group they have to use Harriet’s patterns for a knit along. She said the group, which regularly try new projects, often asked about trying Fair Isle Knitting, and since by then we’d heard feedback of the patterns being easy to follow we thought it was a great idea. In fact, many of the people who joined in with the worldwide knit along organised by the Minnesota Knitters Guild, which ends on the 20th, were knitting Fair Isle for the first time. So with Erin’s knit along beginning on the 26th July, the timing couldn’t be better.

Before the Morehouse Farm newsletter was published today, we didn’t realise that there was more to her plan than encouraging people to buy either the Harriet’s Hat pattern, or Harriet’s Headband pattern, and support us in that way as they took on a new challenge. However on reading from the knit along page on the website, we discovered that not only have they made up yarn packs of their very own Marino Wool in the official colours, but she is actually donating $1 for every skein of 2 ply sold this month! Once again we’re left speechless at the generosity of others thousands of miles away in supporting Harriet and the MRI Maakers in their efforts to raise funds for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal.

Every time we think that surely some day the momentum will fade, someone like Erin and her group comes along to give things another boost. If you missed the previous knit along, you might want to take part in this one. See the link above, and if you do facebook follow Morehouse Farm there –

Community means something much bigger among knitters, thank you.

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