Surgeon Ms Beatrix Weber To Spin Wool at Town Hall Event

In a small remote hospital such as the Gilbert Bain Hospital in Lerwick, where the MRI Scanner will be located when it comes, occasionally people have to step outside of their usual roles and departments. It allows particular needs or circumstances to be catered for when required which in larger city hospitals would likely have a dedicated department, but it also brings various departments together, all working towards the same goal, in the same way the Shetland community does in general. That’s in large part why some updates haven’t been posted this week, and why we’re a bit behind with adding things to the store, but it’s also quite fitting for this announcement about the Wool Week MRI Maakers Event in October.

Inside the Lerwick Town Hall’s Main Hall – Venue for 3rd October MRI Maakers evening

Given how far many will have travelled to come to Shetland Wool Week, we’re keen for the evening to be more than simply an opportunity for people to meet the MRI Maakers. We want you to enjoy a proper Shetland welcome by way of a thank you for the outstanding support we’ve had from all corners of the world. We thought it might also be nice if, beyond the traditional Shetland supper, guests could experience some other related traditions. Spinning wool in the traditional way using a spinning wheel for example.

Lerwick Town Hall – Main hall – October 3rd venue.

Someone mentioned that Ms Beatrix Weber, who is the surgeon who treated Harriet and oversaw her follow up MRI appointments, happens to do just that in her spare time. Billy asked if she would come and spin on the night, and in the same community spirit, she not only agreed but was delighted to have been asked.

Harriet is over the moon that Ms Weber will be coming to do this for us. We never imagined when Harriet’s Hat was first launched it would become the focus of a world wide knit along organised by the Minnesota Knitters Guild. To think that many who took part will be coming to an event in the Lerwick Town Hall (pictured above) and see the surgeon who treated her spinning Shetland wool on a traditional spinning wheel is quite incredible. We can’t thank Ms Weber enough for doing this and adding that little bit extra to what is sure to be a very special night.

We’ve also been to the town hall to discuss various layouts and options, so ticket availability has increased to 150. These tickets can be bought from the Wool Week MRI Maakers Event page at £10 each. Over 30 have been sold already to visitors from 5 countries including the UK.


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