Joey Anderson Adds Experience to MRI Maakers Aged 87

Joey Anderson will be 87 years old next month, but that isn’t preventing her from stepping up and helping the MRI Maakers.

Pictured here, Joey is holding a Harriet’s Hat and Fair Isle gloves in her own design using the MRI colour way.

It was her daughter Caroline who contacted us through our Facebook page and arranged everything.

She explained that Joey, who lives in Nesting, has been knitting from a young age. Like many generational knitters, it was her grandmother who taught her how to knit – mainly jumpers. But Joey now prefers knitting Fair Isle gloves and has already begun another pair. We think her gloves look absolutely lovely and can’t wait to see what the next pair are like.

Like so many knitters, Joey just wants to help and enjoys what she’s doing. It’s another great example of a knitting community, of all ages and experience, coming together.

Since she enjoys it, we asked Caroline if we could send some wool for her to use since these were made using her own but Caroline says she has plenty of wool. Very generously donating not only her time but her own wool too, Joey’s only request is to know where in the world her hat and gloves are sent when they’re sold.

We can’t thank Joey enough, along with other’s like her, she’s part of a growing inspirational story spanning the globe. Thank you.

You can find Joey’s knitwear in our online store (while stocks last).

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