Total Raised So Far Over £29,000 as Worldwide KAL Ends

The worldwide Knit along of Harriet’s Hat organised by the Minnesota Knitters Guild has provided a spectacular boost to the MRI Maakers fundraising efforts without question. Not only did it inspire many around the globe to buy the Harriet’s Hat pattern but the interest it generated encouraged sales of finished items made by the MRI Maakers themselves too.

It’s impossible to say how much of the now £29,115 raised so far came directly or indirectly as a result of the knit along organised by Kathy and the Minnesota Knitters Guild. We can say for sure it’s a lot though, and we really can’t thank them enough along with everyone who took part.

That particular knit along finished on the 20th this month, just as the total raised was approaching £29000, a milestone which we passed today. But the benefits of it didn’t end then, far from it. People who took part are still knitting, some have made several hats, and new friendships have been forged I think on the ravelry forum thread – Harriet’s Hat KAL for the Shetland MRI Scanner. We’ve seen many posts from some who joined in who were inspired to try Fair Isle knitting for the first time having previously shied away from it – the cause and pattern were enough for them to give it ago. Not only that but we now also know that some of those who took part are coming to our one off special event during wool week – Wool Week MRI Maakers Special Event – so will be meeting each other in person as well as seeing Harriet and the MRI Maakers. Something truly special came out of the Minnesota Knitters Guild knitalong, something more than the outstanding boost to our fundraising efforts.

There was also a prize draw for those who posted a picture of their finished hats on the Ravelry forum thread, laknits, 60SpriteGal, knitterka, debmarianne were drawn at random, so congratulations to them.

We added a gallery to a post a couple of weeks ago ahead of the event closing showing some of the finished hat pictures, there are some lovely alternative colour ways! There’s more yet to add, which we’ll do below in the coming days so they’re collated in one place.

Thanks to everyone who took part and bought the pattern, everyone who bought a finished item from here in our online store as a result of it, and mostly to Kathy and the Minnesota Knitters Guild for setting it up. Totally blown away by the continued support from a community of knitting enthusiasts all around the world!

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    • Thanks so much Kathy, I’m confident the benefits of your KAL are ongoing. Not least in inspiring people to give it a try, but the exposure it created has been huge and I’m sure future KALs will have been inspired by it. 😊

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