MRI Maakers Meeting Sees Total Raised Pass £35,000

Tonight before we set off to our fortnightly MRI Maakers night in the Gilbert Bain Hospital servery, we were eagerly watching for pattern sales. We needed just one more pattern download to pass the £35,000 milestone. Sure enough it came just minutes before we left, and we were pleased that tonights knitters would hear this news virtually immediately. So often these achievements have been reached in between meetings, so some are already aware of updates we share while others haven’t seen it, but not tonight.

However, before we could announce anything, we received another £100 from pattern sales at the Böd o’ Gremista along with donations left there for us, so we had to recalculate the new total.

With everyone settled, we were just serving up teas and coffees, when one of our regular knitters came in. She couldn’t stay tonight unfortunately but had something to hand in so made a point of stopping by. One of the tour guides had been collecting up all the tips they’d received throughout this season, in various currencies and had converted it all into pounds sterling. It came to £302, and the guide, who wishes to remain anonymous, had asked her to hand it in to us as a donation towards our fundraising efforts. We’ve written before of how the tour busses and their guides have been championing our cause, but this generous donation is particularly special. We hope they read this so they can see how truly grateful we are, thank you so much!

Earlier in the day, Caroline Gifford had handed in another pair of her mum’s Fair Isle gloves for us to sell. 87 year old Joey Anderson’s gloves sold in less than 15 minutes previously, but today they didn’t even reach the online shop. One of the MRI Maakers fell in love with them and bought them there and then tonight.

Needless to say, we had to get the abacus out again, bringing the total raised so far to a staggering £35,443 (not including any sales online since 6pm). It’s an incredible sum of money to have raised for the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal in such a short space of time. We’re truly humbled, overwhelmed, but so very grateful for what has been achieved by everyone coming together in this way.

On behalf of Harriet and all of the MRI Maakers, near and far, thank you!

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