A Stitch In Time Ahead of Shetland Wool Week

With everything that’s been going on, we’ve not had as much opportunity to post updates as much as we ordinarily would. Sadly there are only so many hours in a day and everyone who is contributing has other commitments to take care of, which makes the help and support they’ve been giving so much more valuable.

At this weeks MRI Maakers night we were discussing plans for Shetland Wool Week and what we still need to do ahead of it. Everyone has been doing really well, but there’s a few things we need to tie up to make it as much a success as can be, for everyone.

As has become something of a routine, the MRI Maakers arrived and layed out what they’d made for us since the previous meeting. Here it is pictured and as you can see there’s a great selection and many hours of work that’s gone into creating the various items.

The crystal glasses are actually a donation from one of the Maakers for us to include in the raffle that will be drawn at our one off special MRI Maakers Wool Week Event in the Lerwick Town Hall. You’ll also notice a couple of Fair Isle Gloves, which are actually prototypes for the soon to be release Harriet’s Fingerless Glove, and Harriet’s Full Finger Glove patterns. These are with test knitters now so should be available to download shortly.

We are however conscious that because we’ve done quite well selling things online all around the world, we’ve not perhaps built up as much stock for Shetland Wool Week as we’d perhaps need. Shetland Wool Week have very generously given us a table at the Maker’s Market on Saturday the 5th October, which is fantastic, and we’ll have a selection of things at our MRI Maakers night in the Town Hall on Thursday 3rd October in the evening also. So there’s a great potential to raise more funds for the MRI Scanner appeal, we think it would be better to have too much than not quite enough, and we can list anything that doesn’t sell during Shetland Wool Week here on the site afterwards again.

With that in mind, we’re asking if anyone has anything made from Shetland Wool that they’d like to donate for us to sell at either event. They don’t need to be from our patterns, it can be anything at all so long as it’s made from Shetland Wool and you’re happy to contribute it towards raising money for the MRI Scanner appeal. The more variety the better in fact. I’m sure the people visiting Shetland for Wool Week would be interested to see just how diverse it can be.

If you have anything you’ve made, or have anything you could make ahead of our Thursday night event, we’d be extremely grateful for your help. We have 2 further MRI Maakers nights before then, one on Thursday 5th September, one on Thursday 19th September. Both are in our usual place in the Gilbert Bain Hospital servery from 6pm to 8pm so these are an ideal time to drop them off if you can. We’d also love to see you and say thanks in person. If you can’t make it to either of those, but have something you’d like to hand in, feel free to use the contact page on this site or message us on our facebook page and we’ll happily arrange some alternative.

Thanks in advance, we really appreciate all the support we’ve had, and continue to have in our quest to raise funds for the MRI Scanner.

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