Burra Bear Made from Harriet’s Hat’s Ready for Collection

With just over a month to go until Shetland Wool Week gets underway, we’re pulling everything together for the various commitments we’ve got during the 7 day shetland wool fest.

A significant part of that is getting ready for our one off MRI Maakers Special Event Night in the Lerwick Town Hall on the 3rd October from 6pm until 9pm. Tickets are available now here – Wool Week MRI Maakers Special Event.

There will be a raffle drawn on the night, but tickets for that will be available as soon as we get them from the printers. Sadly there’s only ever room on tickets to highlight a few of the prizes, but everything donated as a prize will be posted on our social media accounts between now and then.

Today however, Wendy Inkster of Burra Bears sent us pictures of one of the star prizes – a Burra Bear uniquely made out of Harriet’s Hats! Already people have fallen in love with him which is hardly surprising. We think this is the most adorable bear we’ve ever seen, Wendy has done such a good job of making it. It’s just too cute.

The deadline for choosing his name is 5pm tomorrow. This will allow us some time to get his documentation in order. He could be taking up residence anywhere in the world after he’s won, I mean adopted. We’d hate for him to struggle getting through customs.

If you’d like to donate a raffle prize, please contact us via the contact page or message on social media. We appreciate all the help and support we receive in our efforts to raise funds for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal.

Just look at that bear though #adorable!

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