Morehouse Farm Visit Brings Total Raised to £38,400

Since May this year, when the MRI Maakers first started, and, Harriet’s patterns first went on sale, we’ve had support from all over the world. It has been as heartwarming as it has been breath taking.

The Morehouse Farm, in New York State, which is an enterprise based on Merino Sheep and the wool they create, stepped up after contacting us back in June. Erin from the farm was eager to have a Fair Isle knit along following requests from her group of knitters which she affectionately calls the flock. The timing was perfect because the other worldwide knit along organised by the Minnesota Knitters Guild was due to come to a close shortly before Erin’s one would begin.

However, Erin wanted to support us in another way too. Throughout July, before the Morehouse Farm knit along began, she said she would donate $1 for every skein of 2ply yarn sold.

As you can see from the check Suzanne Hanifl is holding, it came to an incredible $673. Suzanne has been with the flock since the early days of Morehouse Farm, and we’re delighted she could be here to hand over the cheque on behalf of Erin. As you can see, Harriet is holding a cheque for £535, which is the total deposited directly into the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal account after currency exchange. Kathleen Carolan, centre, was instrumental in starting the scanner appeal so we’re glad she was able to join us in receiving the cheque. This, along with the significant boost in pattern sales resulting from the knit along brings our raised up to £38,400.

It’s not often that we get to express our gratitude to someone from overseas directly, so this was too good an opportunity to pass up. Thankfully there were a few of the MRI Maakers available to come along. Emma and Barbara even managed to come during a break from the A&E department too. Breaks are often interrupted in the casualty department, but not usually for something like this.

Normally, I would be finishing up the post now, but I can’t, not yet. Erin has been one of our test knitters for the glove patterns being released imminently and with mittens to follow shortly she has already committed to having another knit along. She’ll be starting a ‘Mitt along’ in November, featuring the same help, guidance and tutorials we’re now familiar with following the hats and headbands.

The support being provided by Erin and her flock at Morehouse Farm continues in other ways too. Erin has been keen to find ways to make hard copies of our patterns available at some upcoming events in America as well.

However our talking has on occasion ventured into other things, which leads us to a gift sent over with Suzanne. Merino wool is renowned for being incredibly soft and gentle on the skin, which I happened to mention makes it ideal for people with certain conditions, undergoing chemotherapy for example. So Erin surprised us with this huge bundle of Merino Wool, all in the official MRI colours! We’ll be using it to make Harriet’s Hats for donation to the MacMillan Nursing Department in the Gilbert Bain Hospital for their patients to use. Many such patients will have already had MRI scans themselves, so hopefully this will also provide some practical comfort as they undergo their resulting treatment. There’s enough here for 8 full size hats, but we may use some the maternity department can keep for new borns until they’re ready to go home.

It is just one of many acts of kindness to come from Erin and her flock, we truly can’t thank you, along with everyone who has joined you in supporting us, enough. Thank you!

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