North Central Washington Knitters Guild Donates £125.50

Earlier this year Sherry Kreb visited Shetland and bought the Harriet’s Hat pattern and a yarn pack. She began knitting it while she was here, and finished it upon her return to Washington.

Sherry then knitted a Harriet’s Hat for a friend, Tami, who loved it so much she donated £100 to the Scanner appeal.

We were able to pass on our appreciation to Tami via Sherry, but we have since learnt Sherry wasn’t finished.

Sherry was asked to be a guest speaker at the North Central Washington Knitters Guild on Wednesday. She made and donated a Harriet’s Hat as a raffle prize, and the ladies were passionate about our cause. They were eager to help out and had a collection which has now been donated directly to the appeal. It came to an incredibly generous £125.50, all from one supporter spreading the word to other charitable knitters.

Pictured here is Sherry herself holding the pattern, beside the lucky winner of the Harriet’s Hat she made.

We would like to pass on our sincere thanks to everyone there in Wenatchee, Washington for their donation, and above all Sherry for telling them all about us and making it possible. Thank you!

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