Launch Of Glove Selection Paves Way For November Mitt Along

Today saw the launch of a selection of Harriet’s Glove patterns which have been eagerly awaited by many. We’d like to thank Nancy Hunter and Erin from the Morehouse Farm for testing them. It’s been quite a challenge to get the patterns ready, and we couldn’t have done it without them.

The Harriet’s Glove and Harriet’s Fingerless Glove Patterns bring a range of possibilities. Made to suite the average ladies hand, the turnback cuffs of the fingerless version will fit the full fingered version. Similarly if you prefer the cuff in the Harriet’s Glove pattern, you can swap it onto the fingerless version. For this reason, we also released a Full Finger Conversion for use with the Harriet’s Fingerless Glove pattern. So to get the full range of gloves, you don’t need to buy both patterns at full price. You can buy the Fingerless pattern along with the conversion instead.

Erin has already announced the Mitt Along, starting on the 1st of November, where people from around the world can join and knit one or more of the Fair Isle Knitting designed accessories for ladies hands. And in preparation for the knit/mitt along she has begun taking pre-orders of hard copies. We’ll be sending these over to her in America in October. Erin has spent some considerable time today setting up a section of the Morehouse Farm website specifically for “The Harriet Collection”. This includes all 4 patterns released to date, along with one for mittens which will be available shortly. They will either ship the patterns or make them available for collection at key events locally. You can find out details here – The Harriet Collection –  if you’re in the USA and would prefer hard copies of the collection. Pre-ordering will help us figure out how many we need to send to be sure you don’t miss out.

Follow this link to find out more about the Harriet’s Mitt Along, which includes some new techniques for those who took part in the Harriet’s Hat and Harriet’s Headband KAL earlier. Expect more of the same helpful tips and tutorials that helped you through the Fair Isle head wear.

In the meantime, we’ve Shetland Wool Week to prepare for, including the MRI Maakers Wool Week Special Event, and Billy will be going to the Loch Ness Knit Fest later in October too.

Thanks for everyone’s continued support, wherever in the world you are, it’s truly appreciated.

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