Harriet’s Hat Branches Out With A Loom Along

Back in July we were contacted by Ruth, who knits with a loom and wanted to try making Harriet’s Hat using one. We were interested to see how she got on and said it was fine by us.

Then in August Ruth sent us a picture of her finished hat, made entirely on her loom. As you can see it turned out really well although she explained the crown was quite difficult doing it as per the original pattern. She wanted to make a loom conversion to overcome this so the group she’s connected with, KissLooms knitting and Weaving Club, could have a Loom Along of Harriet’s Hat.

Ruth and the group are keen to support what we’re doing, and the idea is that loom knitters can buy the Harriet’s Hat pattern and if they take part in the Harriet’s Hat Loom Along they’ll get the conversion details explaining how to do it. It’s a whole new area we never expected to find support from, so we’re very grateful and can’t wait to see how they all turn out.

Once the Loom Along has finished, Ruth has asked if we want the conversion for our store, so here’s what we’ve come up with. So that any Loom knitters who want to try it aren’t paying more for the same end result, we’ll make it available free along with a harriet’s hat pattern.

To find out more about the Loom along, and how to take part, head over to KissLooms knitting and Weaving Club and Ruth will be able to help you along.

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