Shetland Wool Week Buzz Brings Total Raised £45,000.

Shetland Wool Week 2019 has arrived, and with it all the buzz you’d expect. It truly has gotten off to a flying start for the MRI Maakers too.

Shetland Wool Week Opening Ceremony

While the opening night is usually reserved for paying guests with only Shetland Wool Week Sponsors having stalls, this year Victoria Tait kindly gave the MRI Maakers a special pass. As you can see from this panoramic picture taken from our table, we were kept busy during every interval and raised £1065 during the evening!

Beyond that, we met in person for the first time several people who have been supporting us from afar which was lovely. We’ll be seeing many again over the rest of the week in less hectic settings.

Monday saw us in the Hub at the Shetland Museum and Archives for the first time, meeting many interested people keen to support us in our quest to raise funds for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal. Again, some of these were people who have been supporting us online for some time but until now we hadn’t met.

It was a busy day, but afforded more time for general chat as you can see from this picture as people saw Harriet working on her next design – a versatile cowl.

Over the course of the day, Billy had to restock Jamieson’s of Shetland with more patterns too. That, along with selling raffle tickets, patterns, and a few finished items in the Hub, we raised £1624.

With pattern sales in pdf downloads continuing in the background throughout, this means the total raised by the MRI Maakers so far is now £45,633. We’re incredibly grateful for all the continuing support, in all it’s forms, from all over the world. 62 knitters have contributed to our stock, and our MRI Maakers have done so much more than knit. Yarn stores both within, and out with Shetland have been selling huge numbers of patterns for us. At every turn, whatever we’ve needed, there’s been a community of people stepping up to help us. Thank you!

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