Billy O’ Middle Toon Winner Donates Bear To Raise More

Shetland Wool Week was incredibly successful for the MRI Maakers, not least because our main raffle drew in almost £3000. There were many very generously donated prizes, and while many had several they’d have loved to win, due to his particularly unique nature, Billy O’ Middle Toon encouraged significant ticket sales. The bear crafted by Wendy Inkster of Burra Bears was made entirely out of Harriet’s Hats from all around Shetland, and his name had been picked previously in an online vote.

Linda Jackson, from Canada, was the name on the lucky winning ticket drawn during our event held in the Lerwick Town Hall on Thursday 3rd October. Unfortunately she wasn’t at the event to collect him so we arranged to meet up, along with his maker Wendy, after the Makers Market on Saturday at the Anderson High School.

However, while we were waiting for Wendy to arrive, Linda explained that she thought Billy O’ Middle Toon still has much work left to do here. That he can raise more for the MRI Scanner appeal, and perhaps other local causes in future, if he stayed with us. We think it’s a very generous thing to do, something not many would be able to.

Here is Linda, standing next to Wendy, along with Harriet, Victoria Tait of Shetland Wool Week, Billy, and of course Billy O’ Middle Toon Himself.

We’re incredibly grateful to Linda for giving us the opportunity to do even more with this one of a kind Burra Bear and discussed how we’ll put him to work at last night’s MRI Maakers night.

There is much in store for Billy O’ Middle Toon, who will begin highlighting the many efforts to raise funds for Shetland’s very own MRI Scanner in the coming days and weeks. You’ll be able to follow his adventures on his own facebook page – and he’s even set up his very own twitter account too here –

As you can see he hasn’t wasted any time and is working hard already to highlight everything going on to raise funds for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal, and more besides. He has a busy few weeks ahead of him already, so please do follow his pages and stay tuned for his forthcoming adventures. He’s a lovable sole with a sense of humour so you never know what he might get up to.

Thanks again to Wendy for making such an adorable Burra Bear for us, Linda for letting us put him to work in a more public way, and to everyone who bought raffle tickets trying to give him a home. But for now at least, he has much to do.

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