Harriet’s Cowl Chart Correction

It’s been an intense and busy few weeks for the MRI Maakers, with Shetland Wool Week, along with the build up to it, and then of course Loch Ness Knit Fest right on the back of it. For SWW we launched the Harriet’s Mitten Pattern, and despite the Cowl still being finished during it, we managed, somehow, to get hard copies of the Harriet’s Cowl Pattern printed and sent directly to Loch Ness Knit Fest just in time.

Chart B Correction

While checking over the pattern file before sending it to print, it was noticed that the diamonds created with Chart B wouldn’t line up with elements of Charts C and D as intended. So we had to quickly shift all the columns across by one. Unfortunately, the dot you see in the middle of each diamond in the finished cowl didn’t copy across properly. Column 1 of Row 6 should be Yarn B as shown in this corrected chart.

We have been correcting hard copies as they’re sold by hand since the mistake was noticed, and have updated the pdf file for all future downloads. Anyone who has bought the pattern as a download, should in theory be able to use the link provided in the confirmation email to download an updated copy. However, anyone who purchased a hard copy before the correction was made should correct their Chart B as shown above. You could always miss the Yarn B dot in the diamond’s centre if you wish, but this would leave a 7 stitch float with isn’t ideal.

Obviously we’re sorry for the inconvenience but hope this update finds you before you reach that point in your knit.

Thanks as always for your continued support, we’re delighted there’s so much interest in this pattern despite this slight initial error.

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