All Aboard As Shetland Bus Descendant Gears Up For Knitting Event

It’s been a while since I’ve had the luxury of having enough time to post I’m afraid, yet there’s been and still is much going on. I would have preferred to say more about this sooner, but it simply hasn’t been possible until now. That said, with things in full swing, it’s perhaps now easier to give a better picture of what’s coming up in just over a week.

Most of you will remember our much earlier posts about Margaret Langø from Norway, her connection through the Shetland Bus, and how she’s been translating Harriet’s patterns into Norwegian. She also committed early on to organising a knitting event in support of our efforts to raise funds for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal. In the meantime, we’ve had plenty going on ourselves as you know. However Margaret along with some very supportive friends have been beavering away in the background too. Last week Margaret asked if she could get a picture of Harriet and Billy, or maybe perhaps Billy O’ Middle Toon, to promote the event. So we went one better and took one of all three, alongside the Shetland Bus Memorial in Scalloway to reflect the ties which bind us so strongly together.

Before I try to explain what’s being arranged, I’d like to share this link to the event page on facebook – Strikkekafe med moteoppvisning. It gives the times and dates for anyone in Norway who might want to attend but also can be used to ask any questions you might have. Whether you’re able to go or live too far away for that to be possible, if you’re on facebook it would be good if you could follow it and support what they’re doing. They really are putting in a huge amount of effort on our behalf, so please do leave a comment of appreciation if you can. You’ll understand why later I’m sure.

Some of you will maybe remember seeing a short clip of Billy weighing up quantities of yarn, just enough for a hat or headband, as kits were made up ready to be made into finished items. Margaret and her friends have been doing exactly that ahead of the event, making up kits from wool donated by a local yarn store, Husfliden Oppdal. The kit contains a printed copy of the patterns in Norwegian, along with enough yarn (in a variety of colourways) to make it and details of why we need to raise the money.

But this event, hosted by the Oppdal Revmatikerforening, is more than simply an opportunity for knitters to buy a kit. Their members have become very enthusiastic about supporting us and have been knitting finished items ahead of time to feature in a fashion show. Oppdal Revmatikerforening has a motto – sammer er vi sterke – which means Together we are stronger. Certainly a philosophy they remain true to as they extend their support of a good cause, as in history, across the North Sea.

They all seem to be enjoying what they’re doing, and have fallen in love with the patterns. So much so in fact that they’ve asked Margaret if she thinks it’s at all possible to translate the new Harriet’s Cowl pattern into Norwegian in time to launch it at the event! I can tell you she’s been working hard on that, and we’re confident it’ll be ready by the 13th both online, and in print outs on the day.

Ester Hektoen is travelling to Oppdal to support the event, and will be showcasing fashions and offering a discount to event guests which can be used at the Hektoen Womens clothing shop at Tynset later.

Teas, coffees and home bakes will be served throughout the event and anyone who attends also an opportunity to take a bus trip to Ester Hektoen’s shop on Tynset, for everyone who participates in the knitting cafe. There, you can even visit Santa’s house!

It really sounds like an incredible event and we can’t thank Margaret along with everyone else involved enough for setting it all up. Can’t wait to see the pictures, especially of the fashion show. The Harriet’s Collection is getting around this month – more on that later 😉




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