£500,000 Raised In Total, Norway Event Tomorrow, Morehouse KAL Continues

Having looked at the overall Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal totaliser, we knew once the weekends funds had been added it would break through the half a million pound mark. We also knew there was much more than what we’d raised at the craft fair ourselves being put into the pot too. The most recent surge in fundraising means it didn’t just tiptoe over the line but went over by several thousand pounds.

It’s no one big donation by a wealthy philanthropist, it’s a great many people all putting in what they can. What this means is, not only has the appeal raised well over £500,000, but the community as a whole has conclusively demonstrated just how much it wants and needs a scanner here in Shetland.

No one now is sitting back thinking they can pass the baton on to someone else. The MRI Maakers meet again this Thursday as normal, plans to attend various other craft fairs are being made, and stock will be added once again to this site’s online store. The Fernlea Maakers have been in touch, they’ve yet another box of finished items to send down and need more yarn. They’ll make fantastic Christmas presents. Talking of Christmas presents, we hear that a great many have been sending knitted baubles to Jamieson’s of Shetland rallying to their call, so we’ll have those to sell in due course when they’re finished with them. And those are just the efforts being made/organised locally in connection with the MRI Maakers. Billy O’ Middle Toon will continue to share news of any MRI Scanner Appeal fundraising he comes across, he’s no where near tired yet. He’ll also share the link to our GoFundMe page periodically too.

Tomorrow night in Oppdal, Norway, the knitting event organised by Margaret Langø will get underway at 7pm. At the same time the Harriet’s Cowl pattern will be released in Norwegian, which she’s kindly translated for us as she has several other patterns. The Norwegian translations have already raised hundreds of pounds for us and we really hope their event is as much of a success given how much work they’ve all been doing to organise it.

Meanwhile, across the water in the complete opposite direction the Morehouse Farm knit along, featuring the opportunity to knit any of the 6 patterns continues. The focus this time is on the gloves, mittens and cowl, but everyone is welcome to knit along with the hat or headband if they haven’t yet. The Unit hints, tips and tutorials remain available on the facebook group regardless how long it takes you. Only this morning Erin Pirro posted a video clip highlighting why we need the MRI Scanner here as she took a ferry home herself, from Washington State!

This isn’t an exhaustive list of MRI Maaker related things happening either, and nor does it include the many, many, other things, being done by the many other people who all desperately want to see the target reached as soon as possible.

Today is a big day, and marks a big milestone, but tomorrow we carry on. As always, ever grateful for the help and support we’re getting from everyone wherever in the world you may be. Thank you.

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