Restocking Online Store Delayed

We had hoped to begin restocking our online store this week now that the larger craft events are behind us. However, with the franking machine at the Gilbert Bain Hospital beyond repair, we are delaying this until the replacement machine arrives and is fully operational.

The hospital reception staff shipping our products has been the difference between making physical products available online practical or not. We’re extremely grateful for the additional workload they’ve been willing to undertake, without even the slightest quibble. However with the usual efficient mechanisms not being available to them, they are already having to cope with much more arduous contingency arrangements keeping up with the day to day NHS mail. It wouldn’t be fair to expect them to contend with our packages as well, and on top of this the franking machine reduces the cost of shipping considerably for us too.

The new machine, we understand, is en route from Belgium and should be here in the coming days whereby it will need programmed and set up before it can be used. We’ll wait until this has been completed and tested before adding products back into stock online.

Sorry for the delay, but we’re still hopeful we’ll be able to begin shipping again in time to meet your Christmas needs and will organise products in readiness for making them available as quickly as possible for you.

Thanks as always for your support.

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