Harriet’s Hats sell out online within minutes of Island Medics Episode

Within minutes of today’s Island Medics episode (Series 3 Episode 7) airing on the BBC, we completely sold out of all official hand knitted Harriet’s Hats. We also ran out of the alternatives which were very similar to them. Since then, our complete range of patterns continue to sell with us already having had our biggest ever day of sales online.

There is a huge range of other items made by the now 64 MRI Maakers volunteers and we’ll add them to the site as soon as Billy finishes work today.

We continue to be incredibly grateful for all the support we’ve recieved, in particular today to everyone at Red Sky Productions who produce the series which has raised awareness in such a huge way. Thank you.

Despite the large number of orders received today, we’ll endeavour to ship them all first thing as usual.

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4 thoughts on “Harriet’s Hats sell out online within minutes of Island Medics Episode

  1. I don’t have access to a printer but would like a copy of Harriet’s hat pattern. Do you do hard copies. and if so, how much are they?

    If you don’t then how much are the knitted hats.

    Many thanks

    Yasmin Samaraweera

    • Hi Yasmin, I’ll be adding a hard copy option to the store shortly. They’re available but I need to set a different rate for the shipping methods first. Should be done in the next couple of days, perhaps even later tonight depending how we get on packaging todays orders.

      Alternatively, there are a few finished hats available in the store now in a variety of colourways.

      Many thanks for your support 🙂

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