Hard Copy Patterns Now Available to Buy Online – Hundreds raised in first day

For some time we’ve been getting requests for the Harriet’s Collection patterns in hard copy format but haven’t been able to sell them online. They’ve been popular in yarn stores and to try and accommodate demand we did make them available in stockists bundles. These have done well, and supporting stores have from what we hear benefited from increased yarn sales.

The problem we’ve had until now is that shipping hard copies was simply to much to arrange given we’re all volunteers and already committing so much time to everything else the MRI Maakers do. However we’ve never stopped thinking of how it could be done, and have now managed to come up with a setup where fulfilling orders for them is achievable.

So, you can now order hard copies of our patterns here – Hard Copy Patterns. Shipping has been set so you can order a few in the same package. There’s also the option to buy the full set of 6 for the price of 5. You will get sent a link for the pdf version of each hard copy ordered in the confirmation email so you still have that option if you wish.

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