Swiss Alps Set To Turn Blue With Harriet’s Hats – Kits Ready To Knit

Since the MRI Maakers started in May, it really has been one thing after another. Every time we think things will be starting to slow down a bit, something else comes along to give us a boost.

On Thursday night we were contacted by Rozain in Switzerland, pictured here wearing one of the Harriet’s Hats that have already been sent there. What the MRI Maakers have been doing, and why, has captured their hearts and they wanted to buy 50 finished hats, some headbands, and a few mittens.

We did have enough before Island Medics aired, but sold out within hours of it being broadcast. Since then everything we’ve added to the store has sold almost instantly, so we literally have none left.

Rozain explained though that these are only needed for a party in February, so Billy came home from work yesterday and began making up yarn balls until the early hours. We’re a little short on the Clyde Blue/FC47Mix, so don’t quite have the 50 kits made up yet but we do have enough to be getting started with. Billy O Middle Toon offered to go and get the other yarn we need but we’ve had to explain the shops are shut for Christmas.

Some volunteers have already stepped up, despite being on a xmas break, to start knitting them. So less than 48 hours after hearing of it first, our biggest ever single order is already underway. We’ve even been approached by someone who hasn’t knitted for us before offering to help which is fantastic.

If you’re local to us and could help out by making a hat or two, please do get in touch. We can arrange getting the yarn to you and collecting the finished hat/headband when it’s done. It’s a great way to help us raise a significant amount for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal, particularly if like Fiona you’ve already knit one or two for yourself so are familiar with the patterns.

Grateful as always for all the support we’ve had throughout the year, but especially so for those who have set the intended break aside when we ran out of finished stock. #wecandothis


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  1. I wish I lived nearer. I am away to make the one I purchased in August after I complete the sheep one. Well done to all and for a brilliant cause!!

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