Norway To Host Second Event Supporting MRI Maakers

Back in November last year, The Oppdal Arthritis Society hosted one of their regular events and within it had a special offering for it’s members and guests. Sadly, Margaret who was instrumental in setting it up wasn’t able to attend herself. It was however a big success thanks to her prior planning and the help of her close knitting friends. It was so successful in fact, and they relayed details of our cause so well, that many wanted to organise another event – this time especially for us.

It’s being held on the 29th January at 19:00 local time, dedicating the proceeds from this knitting event to Shetland. The entrance fee and sale of patterns and knitting kits will go to Shetland MRI scanner appeal.

Aside knitting, here’s some of what you can expect :-

MRI Maakers in Norway

A presentation of MRI Maakers and information about the appeal; Margaret Helen Langø will give an insight into the story behind the involvement that started with a simple knitted hat designed by the Shetlander Harriet Middleton.


Anne Skaslien

This is the lady who with the crochet hook and yarn in all colors create artwork for the enjoyment of many, and she will visit us with her rich selection. Her will be the opportunity to see all the great things she has created and a diverse range she has for sale.


Husfliden Oppdal

Husfliden Oppdal support MRI Maakers with quality yarn for every knitting project, big or small.


The entrance fee is 150 NOK, which like events we’d have right here in Shetland includes coffee/tea and homebakes. There’ll also be a raffle with great prizes!

If you can make it, The Oppdal Arthritis Society welcomes you to a social evening and the opportunity to contribute to a good cause! You can find out more, and keep up to date with any other information between now and then here –

We’d like to thank The Oppdal Arthritis Society, and Margaret in particular for their support and hope this event is as big a success for them as the last.

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