Gracie Arthur Harriet’s Cowl Auction Raises another £233 by Fernlea Knitters

It’s no secret that we’re incredibly proud of how the knitting community, including all ages, nationalities and diversities, have rallied around our cause. The support shown to the MRI Maakers has turned a small island community of knitters into a trully global one.

Earlier this week, we received 7 Harriet’s Hats from Anja in the Netherlands to help us with the demand for the finished item. Anja had already translated the Harriet’s Hat pattern into Dutch for us, and is now working on translating the Harriet’s Cowl.

The Harriet’s Cowl pattern has been of significant interest since it’s launch at the Loch Ness Knit Fest in October last year. It has been included in two knit alongs, one by Morehouse Farm and the other hosted by Anne Frost and Jana Knits just last month. And despite not appearing on the Runway during Vogue Knitting Live in New York as originally posted, it saw huge interest on the Morehouse Farm Booth with the hard copies selling out long before the event closed.

We also shared with you recently that it was being used as a project for a steeking class here in the UK. Purlwise To Use Harriet’s Cowl in Fair Isle & Steeking Class

Gracie with her finished Harriet’s Hat

Regardless of the attention, given the size of the project, it was never one we thought we’d be offering as a finished item here on the site, in any format. Given the time and yarn it takes to make, it’s simply not practical for our growing team of volunteer knitters (which now includes Anja in the Netherlands). This is why we were so surprised to find one made by Gracie Arthur, of the Fernlea Day Care knitters in one of their recent boxes of finished items. We were blown away and knew that an auction was the only answer of this particularly unique item.

The Auction ended today at 1pm, with a fantastic winning bid of £233, and will be heading over to the United States next week. The lucky winner is hugely excited to receive it, and we’re sure Gracie will be too.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in the Auction and helping to make our first auction item the success it has been. And for those who didn’t win, we wish you better luck next time.

Well done Gracie, and all at Fernlea. You’re true champions.

Fernlea Maakers -Gracie Fowler, Cathie Simpson, Gracie Arthur and Alice Pottinger with model Allan Tulloch

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