From Around The World To Around The World in £83k

We received an outstanding amount of support from visitors during Shetland Wool Week last year. Not only did the week raise over £15000 for the MRI Maakers all together at the time, but some avid knitters donated items for us to sell before they left.

This green beenie was donated to us through Loose Ends on Commercial Street in Lerwick by Lesley Carlsson. It was one of a few things she kindly donated having been drawn to our cause while she was here. It is just one, of many, donations we’ve received from around the world.

Last month we received, among other things, a package from closer to home. Annemarie Larkin (Socks for Sanity) from Newcastle Upon Tyne sent a package including baby items which we listed last week. Also in the box were these hand knitted socks. One of several kind donations from elsewhere in the UK.

Meanwhile, here in Shetland we’re still working through several boxes of knitted items donated from people here at home. There’s a huge variety, which we’re gradually adding to the online store. Though much is taken to craft fairs too.

Jessie Cogle, for example, donated several chunky hats like this one. Some of the others have already sold, but you’ll find the remaining ones in our online store in the knitted hats section. Jessie is one of our MRI Maakers who contributes in this way but can’t attend the Maakin nights. There’s quite a few knitters like her, and we’re very grateful for the variety of things they contribute.

Then of course we have Maakers who are able to come to knit nights, and take with them things they’ve made from the donated yarns. We come home with finished knitwear after each meeting. From official hats etc. from the pattern collection, alternative colourways, and various other unrelated knitted things, we get it all. Barbara Rosie came with this lovely lace scarf on one such night.

These are just a few examples of how charitable knitters have been supporting us from all over the world. Their efforts have made a huge difference to our fundraising total, now well over £83,000. None of it would achieve anything if it weren’t for the many people who support us by buying things. All of the pictured items above, from the various people and places around the world, are heading over to America. From around the world, to around the world.

We can’t thank everyone enough, truly breathtaking.

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