Jamieson of Shetland Bauble’s Auctioned With Total Over £86,000

It’s no secret that Jamieson’s of Shetland put a lot of effort into their window displays. With various local events throughout the year, each change in display becomes a delight for shoppers and passers by alike.

The Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal was front of mind when they were thinking about their Christmas window last year. After asking if we’d be able to auction knitted/crocheted Christmas baubles, they quickly set to work. Appeals for people to make and send baubles for the display quickly went viral. People from all corners of the world sent, literally, hundreds to them! Most of them can be seen here although many more arrived right up until Christmas.

It didn’t stop at baubles either. People sent in knitted gnomes and sheep too. All of which took pride of place in the Jamieson’s of Shetland window throughout the festive until the Up Helly Aa season begun.

We decided to wait until after Up Helly Aa had passed before actioning everyone’s generous contributions. They would otherwise have been lost in a sea of posts about, what is, such a significant local event.

There are several individual Up Helly Aa celebrations across Shetland, not only the, albeit largest, one in Lerwick. With most of those now behind us, and having taken the time in between to test the auction facility here on the site, we’re now ready to make them available.

There are too many to auction individually, and some are very obviously sets, so the action will be in bundles. Anyone who has been eagerly awaiting this, and hasn’t already done so, should start by creating a customer account by clicking the My Account tab. While it can be done during the bidding process, it’s easier to set one up first.

Auctions will each run for two weeks from the time each lot is posted, and there’s no limit to how many you can take part in. Successful bidders will be sent their baubles/gnomes, a printed picture of Billy O’ Middle Toon outside the window display, and general information of where the item(s) came from without revealing people’s personal details. Lots will begin going live tomorrow (Sunday 8th March) leaving plenty of time for Mr/Mrs postie to deliver them before they’re used in earnest again.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, from all over the world, who sent baubles/gnomes to Jamieson’s of Shetland. It truly is breathtaking. We’d also like to thank everyone in Jamieson’s of Shetland for thinking of, and making this possible as well as their support throughout. Thank you.

With the current total raised by/in connection with the MRI Maakers now at £86,624, we’re sure this will take us still closer to the £100k mark which is absolutely incredible.

2 thoughts on “Jamieson of Shetland Bauble’s Auctioned With Total Over £86,000

  1. How can we see upcoming lots to choose what we want to bid for….is there a catalogue?

    • The system doesn’t actually show lots until they’re live, but I’ll get pictures of them all posted asap after the first begins and share them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so even those that aren’t quite active can be seen.

      There will be a time though when they’re all active together, it’s simply the time it takes to list them that’ll prevent them all coming on together.

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