Post Lockdown Update & Harriet’s Hand Knit Auction

The pandemic has brought challenges and difficulties for everyone around the world, and the fundraising efforts of the MRI Maakers is no exception. The fortnightly knitting night was suspended slightly ahead of the UK lockdown with the majority of regular maakers being in the higher risk groupings. Thankfully we were able to bring some cheer with the Jamieson’s of Shetland bauble auction before things became all the more difficult.

With Billy working in estates at the Gilbert Bain Hospital, he was heavily involved with the many extensive alterations needed to accommodate Covid 19 patients and provide safer working areas for staff. Not was that difficult in terms of time and urgency, but for a significant period while the situation here was at it’s worst, he had to move into temporary accommodation to avoid the risk of bringing the virus into a vulnerable household. Thankfully, for now at least, that aspect is a little less tense and he is back home. However, at work focus has now moved to modifications aimed at providing safe pathways and areas for elective care. So time constraints remain well above normal as more routine procedures are made available.

All of this means that over the past few months our online presence has been virtually non-existent. While we’ve done our best to keep up with orders some were delayed much more than we’d have liked. Some messages/emails slipped through the net, particularly while Billy wasn’t at home with limited time and access. So there’s a little catch up with those to do now they’ve been identified. Sorry for any inconvenience, but we’ll resolve any outstanding issues ASAP.

Sadly, with work commitments as they are, we still can’t commit to processing physical orders within 2 working days. Where we can, we will, but it won’t always be possible.

The fortnightly knit nights also remain suspended for the foreseeable future. The GBH servery remains closed to the public and access to the hospital is understandably very limited.

Moving Forward

We do however still have quite a bit of stock, and our volunteers are busy trying to make it available in local stores. We’ll post a list of where you can find our fundraising items shortly and we’re grateful to any local stores who have been willing to help us sell them.

Work behind the scenes for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal has been ongoing. This week the Shetland Charitable Trust unanimously agreed to contribute the fantastic sum of £500,000 towards the appeal. Currently the totaliser shows just over £815k but this doesn’t include the Charitable Trust’s donation. Meaning the total raised so far is over £1.3 million. Over £91,000 of that total has come from the hard work of our MRI Maaker volunteers with your support.

We’d obviously love to get the MRI Maakers total over £100k, it’s the next obvious milestone to aim for while the Scanner Appeal continues to raise the remaining £300k needed. With that in mind, Harriet has been busy during lockdown knitting a matching set from her collection of patterns.

The set, all knit by Harriet herself, comprises a Harriet’s Hat, Harriet’s Reversible Cowl, and Harriet’s Fingerless Gloves. We’ll be auctioning this unique set, made by the designer herself, with bids closing on Saturday 29th.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the last auction, and the Cowl knit by Gracie Arthur was highly sought after. So we thought this was a great way to start a safe final push to get our own MRI Scanner. The pandemic has demonstrated how important it is to have one here locally where it’s needed. Cutting down on unnecessary patient travel and risk.

Thanks as always for your continued support, and apologies for the lack of regular updates recently.

2 thoughts on “Post Lockdown Update & Harriet’s Hand Knit Auction

  1. I have so missed your cheerful heartwarming online presence but completely understand the reasons why. I continue to be impressed by the efforts of the MRIMaakers – your community is fortunate to have each and every one of you

  2. Amazing work! Very creative ideas. Glad Billy has managed to get through what we all hope was the worst of the COVID-19 situation.
    Please keep well
    congratulations again on your tremendous fund-raising

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