Fernlea Maakin To Feature In Auction for Shetland Wool Week

With Shetland Wool Week 2020 curtailed due to the Covid19 pandemic, tonight’s post comes with mixed emotion. We remember all to clearly how supportive Shetland Wool Week visitors were last year, raising over £15,000 for us during their time here. In the absence of a virus which has seen virtually all wool festivals globally cancelled, we’d most likely have already raised enough for Shetland’s own MRI Scanner. We had thought, it would’ve been nice to host a night with the MRI Maaker’s during Shetland Wool Week, not to raise funds, but to say thank you to the many visitors who would have been a significant part of our already achieving that goal.

Sadly that was not to be. The organisers who bent over backwards to help us last year unable to put on the event they’d have wanted. The decisions made can’t have been easy, but we’re sure you’ll return in person in future years. At the moment we must accept the restrictions put in place to protect our most vulnerable. Particularly in a place like Shetland where the intensive health care required to treat the most severe infections is so logistically challenging to provide in any large scale.

We’re glad that Shetland Wool Week has managed to find a format to go ahead in some way despite everything. Much of that will be virtual and absent of the usual first hand experience of our local ways and cultures. The same modern technologies that have made the MRI Maaker’s successful playing it’s part for Wool Week. Along with the many local businesses that depend on it.

Those who depend on care homes and daycare centres have been particularly affected by restrictions since March. So we were all the more excited to receive a package from Fernlea today! Within it the fantastic sum of £310 which they’ve raised in their own way for us. There’s also some hand knit items from the Harriet Collection (more on this later). Which brings us perfectly onto what we’ll be doing over Shetland Wool Week.

Over the course of the week we’ll be adding finished items to the online store right here. In between online courses or whatever else takes your fancy from SWW2020, something may catch your eye. The organisers have, again, very generously given us a free listing in their virtual Maakers Market. Rather than having a weekly auction this week, we’ll also be having a one off Special Shetland Wool Week MRI Maaker’s Auction. These items will be listed throughout the week, so you can view them in your spare time. However for these selected hand knit items, all in Shetland Wool, bidding will only be available for 24 hours on market day, Saturday 3rd 2020. Bidding will run from midnight to midnight GMT. Auctioned items will include knitwear we received from the Fernlea Maakers, all over 80 years young!!

Please keep in mind though, that workload outwith MRI Maakers remains high (No weekend off for Billy again this week). So items bought/winning auctions may not ship the following day. Auction bids exclude shipping costs (typically between £5 and £20 depending on size and country).

We’d like to thank Shetland Wool Week for including us again, their support along with all of yours from around the world is truly appreciated. Thank you.

Hope you enjoy what they’ve managed to put together for you in these trying times, Shetland Wools are sure to last into the better times ahead.

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