SWW Maakers Market Auction and Post Wool Week Sales

This year’s Shetland Wool Week may have been very different to what everyone would’ve ideally wanted or expected. But the feedback has been very positive, and we’re glad for the organisers that their efforts have been appreciated far and wide.

All of our auction items are now listed and will go live at midnight. You can find them here – All Auctions. These will run for 24 hours and any which don’t meet any reserve price set will be added to our existing stock items at that price.

We hope, inspired by Wool Week, that you’ll find something you like to bid on. Or something else from the regular stock items and help us get ever closer to our next milestone – £100k.

As Shetland Wool Week draws to a close, the overall Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal total draws ever closer too. There’s only between £50k and £75k left to reach goal roughly. It would be unbelievably fantastic if the MRI Maakers could hit £100k by then. An amazing tribute to the overwhelming support we’ve had from across the globe, for which we’re always truly grateful.

In the absence of Covid 19, we’d have been at more craft events, more tourists would have graced our shores. We’d have sold many more of the hard copy patterns and ordered them accordingly. Consequently have something of a surplus. They allincluding details of the Scanner Appeal and so can’t really be sold in aid of anything else after the Scanner total has been reached. With that in mind, starting Monday 5th of October, we’ll be offering all hard copy patterns at 25% off while stocks last. This excludes purchases of the full set, and stockists bundles, already sold at a reduced rate. So keep that in mind while you’re eyeing up your yarn purchases throughout the remainder of Shetland Wool Week 2020. You might just need a few extra hanks, or another ball or two to complete a colourway you’d like to try on the Harriet Collection.

Hope you all enjoy the auction tomorrow. Good luck, and thank you once again for your support.


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