Shetland Wool Week Auction Brings Total Raised over £96k

We were blown away by to total raised during yesterday’s Shetland Wool Week Auction. £1013 in just 24 hours with some frantic bidding towards the end. It’s a fantastic amount, with some particularly special items bound for far flung places.

The Fernlea Maakers have come up trumps once again, their Harriet Collection items proving popular. Gilda Sim and Marina Robertson’s items all did well too.

We’re particularly pleased with where Harriet’s Cowl is heading. It’s off to America, but we’ll say no more about that for now as we’ve a suspicion you’ll hear more about it later.

Harriet is busy writing thank you letters for those who won items knit by her, and Billy has just totalled up where we’re now at. Including what was raised in the auction yesterday, along with a boost to sales during wool week itself, the MRI Maakers total now stands at £96,814.37. Edging ever so close to £100k, a milestone which back at the beginning we thought unrealistic. But with the support of so many, literally all around the world, it’s now within reach.

Thank you all.

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