Shetland Wool Week Auction Raises over £1000! Thank you.

The last few minutes of today’s Shetland Wool Week Auction saw some frantic activity with bids coming in thick and fast! Billy gets an email notification of every bid, and suffice to say he’ll be spending a lot of time tomorrow clearing his inbox.

We’ve quickly totalled up the winning bids, and have raised a staggering £1013 over the 24 hour auction. Technically we should probably also include the £56.55 winning bid for Gilda Sim’s lace shawl. Billy accidentally set it live a few days early. It’s truly amazing, and we’d like to thank everyone who took part, whether they won or not. That puts us a huge step nearer to our next £100k milestone and tomorrow we’ll post up exactly where we’re at overall.

We’ll also get to work packaging up the items ready to send out to the lucky winners, and we’ll get them shipped ASAP.

Once again, thanks to everyone for their support and generosity. We’re blown away. And of course thanks as always to the MRI Maakers, without whom there wouldn’t be anything to raise funds with.

Thank you.

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