MRI Scanner Target Reached But Fundraising Continues – Here’s Why

Today marks an important announcement in the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal. That the target, as stated on the official appeal website, has been surpassed (MRI scanner in sight after fundraising target reached). It’s a day that the many people who have worked so hard towards have long felt couldn’t come soon enough.

Since the appeal was first launched, hundreds of people have had to endure trips to the Mainland for MRIs. That number may however be less than it otherwise would have been at this point in time. The pandemic which has made our fundraising efforts more difficult also means that less urgent cases have been delayed. Some may not yet have taken place at all yet. If ever there was a time to focus on the positive benefits of Shetland having it’s own MRI Scanner, it’s now. Covid isn’t over yet. However things are in Shetland there may be reasons elsewhere that limit availability of scans until it’s in place. The sooner one is installed, the better for everyone here at home.

While today’s news may come too late for many people, there are thousands in future years who will benefit from the MRI Scanner which we now know for certain will be installed here in Shetland. Regardless of anyone’s opinions on anything else, at a time when there have been people too scared to attend even their local hospital, many would say it can’t be installed soon enough, however hard the effort. It’s a good news day, and there haven’t been many of them in recent months.

What now?

There is an important line in the article linked to above. “However, until the final costs of the project are established, fundraising will continue.”

A lot has changed since the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal target was last revised. Covid means NHS Shetland has worked hard to provide green and red pathways. Options which existed before may not now in terms of siting. Inflation, Brexit, you name it. Nothing has stood still while the community as a whole rallied together and raised WELL OVER HALF of what’s needed. Until all of the installation and training costs are firmly nailed down (something the committee is working hard on now), fundraising will continue.

What a travesty it would be if we all counted our chickens only to find something so important had to be delayed while a few more pounds were found. So here at MRI Maakers, we’ll carry on until we know, for sure, we don’t need to.

Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming support throughout, and to everyone who has made today possible.

3 thoughts on “MRI Scanner Target Reached But Fundraising Continues – Here’s Why

  1. Oh what wonderful news – I will continue to firmly believe that NHS Scotland will uphold its end of the bargain as steadfastly as the folk of Shetland have theirs – I am incredibly proud of all of you and have been pleased to have contributed in a small way to your success. I am looking to a future were women with needles and yarn are not required to fund essential health care and when schools don’t have to hold bake sales to fund essential educational materials – let the military and the politicians hold their own bake sales and knitting circles to fund the machines of war – then the world be just a tiny bit more equitable – sorry for the screed – edit at will – I am just so incredibly proud of each of you I could burst

  2. Really impressive fundraising indeed! And yes I too wish this type of fundraising was not required.
    I don’t think the creativity of Harriet and the MRIMaakers can be stopped.
    Keep up the amazing work!

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