A message from Derek Hart – Scanner Appeal Fundraising Manager

Tonight Harriet received a message from Derek Hart, the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal fundraising manager. It’s a message of congratulations and thanks, extended to the entire MRI Maakers team.

Many in that team may not be on facebook, not necessarily from Shetland, or even the UK. So we thought it was best to share it with you all here. Our community extends well beyond these shores, and you should all be as proud of yourselves as we are grateful for your help and support.

Dear Harriet

Although I am currently on annual leave, I most certainly couldn’t wait for another fortnight to go by before sincerely thanking and congratulating you, Billy and the Maakers team on the outstanding achievement of topping £100k in your fundraising. This is a truly remarkable feat and you should all be very proud of what has been done.

In over 25 years in this business, I have rarely, if ever, seen such a successful community-spirited effort centred on one of life’s most creative and colourful pastimes. As fundraising manager of the wider campaign, you’ve no idea how reassuring it has been to know that your endeavours were underpinning the community effort.

I’m not sure what your ambitions were when you started out, but I suspect they have been well and truly exceeded. It has been a pleasure to monitor all the orders you receive from around the UK and across the world. You have reinforced and highlighted Shetland’s place in that world and established an international cottage industry as a result.

Well done indeed.

Derek Hart

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