HarrietWhen Harriet Middleton first began using her love of knitting to raise money for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal, she was using surplus wool of her own. She then sold whatever she made at local craft stalls with all proceeds donated to the appeal.

The support and encouragement she received from the local community has been outstanding, but not surprising. Over time people started donating wool for her to use and it quickly became obvious that no one person could turn it all into something to raise funds.

Encouraged by the success she was already having, and determined that the donated wool would raise money for the scanner as intended, Harriet was inspired to start a “Maakin and Yaakin” group. (Maakin and Yaakin is a local term which basically means knitting and chatting)

The idea being that local volunteers would come together every second Thursday for two hours, where they can begin ‘maakin’ using the donated wool and take away to finish off before the next meeting. With more people involved, there’s more variety for the next big craft fair.

57257105_341457079842636_2981444818028199936_nHarriet has also designed a Fair Isle hat inspired by the colours on the Shetland MRI Scanner logo. These are colours which traditionally wouldn’t necessarily be used together, so it’s quite unique.

It turned out so well, she’s had it transcribed into a pattern which you can buy, in pdf format, to make one of your own. Priced at £4, all proceeds go to the MRI Scanner appeal.

Follow this link to buy online – Harriet’s Hat.